Voting Rights

"Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world." ― Sharon Salzberg

Access to the ballot is a fundamental necessity for a functioning Democracy. Efforts to limit access to voting undermine faith in our Democracy and disenfranchise marginalized populations such as the disabled, minorities, and the elderly. Gerrymandering has led to an entrenchment of our elected Representatives such that large swaths of the population have no real representation. 

We must:

  • Immediately restore the Voting Rights Act in full.
  • End gerrymandering. Scientific data exists to redraw Congressional districts to be more representative of the populations they represent. 
  • Transition away from the Electoral College and toward a popular vote. 
  • Implement automatic voter registration and same day registration nation-wide, while working toward online registration and voting.
  • Make election day a National Holiday.
  • Restore voting rights to those who have completed their sentences.
  • End discriminatory voter ID laws.