Review Christine's stances on the Issues

Central Texas Jobs

I am committed to supporting continued growth in my district, by working to expand on already existing industries and providing the necessary infrastructure to attract new companies looking to relocate to Central Texas.

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America's children deserve the best in education we can provide.

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The United States has an opportunity to lead the rest of the world, and should be taking bold action to combat the threat of climate change.

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Gun Rights

We can uphold the Constitutional right to bear arms, and reduce the violence associated with easy access to firearms.

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While there is room to improve the ACA, repeal is not the answer. While the GOP says Repeal and Replace, I say Secure and Strengthen.

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We must create a system that will keep the United States safe while also keeping immigrant families intact. 

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I look forward to the day when equality for LGBTQ citizens is automatic and non-controversial, and that laws to protect the LGBTQ community are unnecessary. 

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Our Military

To keep our military personnel safe and conflict-ready, we must address issues that negatively impact and affect our service members.

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Too many Americans have been left behind as the income gap between the richest and the poorest has widened. 

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Voting Rights

Access to the ballot is a fundamental necessity for a functioning Democracy.

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Womens Rights

Our government must not just represent us. It must be representative of us.

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