Doing More For Veterans

As I travel the district and talk to constituents, I keep hearing from veterans that after they return home from their service, they do not receive the support and services owed them and that they deserve after their service to our country. I have heard this for years in my practice-difficulty accessing medical care, difficulty obtaining service records, difficulty with re-entry into civilian society. And most feel ignored by our current representative in Congress.

Our veterans deserve our respect and our support, and we must address issues unique to servicemen and women as they transition to civilian life.

We must provide adequate healthcare for veterans when they leave their service including robust mental health services, a through review and overhaul of the Veterans Administration, and facilitating access to care through civilian services.

We must create pathways for veterans to enter the workforce through direct hiring and paid job training programs.

We must address homelessness among veterans by enacting a No Vet Homeless or Hungry Initiative as a partnership between the federal government and all 50 states.

Over the next few weeks, I will be addressing and expanding on these issues. Our veterans deserve better.