"What you allow is what will continue." ― unknown


Indivisible is a nationwide, grassroots network of activists committed to promoting a Progressive legislative agenda. Citizens from across the political spectrum have now established Indivisible groups in every Congressional District in the United States. Christine is the co-captain of WilcoIndivisible, one of three Indivisible groups in Williamson County. 

Along with founder Felicia Miyakawa and co-captain Janice Young, Christine has helped organize WilcoIndivisible actions designed to engage members in the Democratic process while promoting progressive policies. 

WilcoIndivisible leaders have organized and members have participated in:

  • a Town Hall meeting attended by 300 people
  • group visits to Member of Congress offices to discuss current issues
  • phone call campaigns to state and federal elected officials
  • letter writing campaigns
  • protests at Member of Congress offices
  • vigils in support of progressive legislation
  • blog entries highlighting legislative and other concerns
  • in person testimony at the Texas Capitol regarding state legislation

WilcoIndivisible is currently expanding its engagement to include voter registration drives, candidate forums, organized Texas legislative actions, and work to end gerrymandering. 


Williamson County Democrats

Christine has participated with the Williamson County Democratic Party since early 2016, after meeting then President Karen Carter and Secretary Jose Orta at a candidate forum in Leander. As part of this organization, she has donated to the party, participated in voter registration drives sponsored by WCDP and various clubs, and supported Democratic candidates in local elections. She is excited to see the growth of the party and their efforts to turn Williamson County Blue.


Williamson and Travis County Voter Registrar

Voting is the most fundamental and necessary activity in any Democracy. In the United States, many women and people of color died trying to gain access to the ballot for all citizens. Christine became a voter registrar because of her strong belief in encouraging all eligible adults to get involved and get to the polls. She has been a voter registrar for the last several election cycles and has participated in numerous voter registration events. 

She recently founded a new organization in Williamson County dedicated to facilitating networking and sharing of best practices among voter registrars in the county. You can find the group on Facebook at Williamson County Volunteer Voter Registrars.


Rachael Jonrowe Re-Election Campaign

In her continuing effort to be engaged at the local level, Christine serves as the volunteer coordinator for the re-election of Georgetown City Council member Rachael Jonrowe. Christine is responsible for organizing phone banks, block walks, literature drops, and voter registration drives for the campaign. 


Democratic Women of Williamson County

The Democratic Women Of Williamson County (DWOW) is one of many clubs associated with The Williamson County Democratic Party. The club holds monthly meetings, does fundraising for Democratic candidates and other Democratic priorities, holds voter registrar trainings and voter registrar drives, and engages with activists from progressive groups such as Moms Demand Action. DWOW worked tirelessly during the 2016 elections to help elect progressive candidates to the County Commissioners board and to the Austin Community College Board of Trustees. Christine is proud to be a member of this hardworking organization.


Battleground Texas

Christine has worked with Battleground Texas, a political action committee dedicated to making Texas a swing state, for the last several election cycles. While working with the group, she has participated in numerous voter registration drives, block walks, and phone banks. 


Silvercreek Ranch Property Owners Association Board

Christine believes that to be effective advocates, citizens must engage with others at the most local level. As such, she has been a board member of her neighborhood Property Owner's Association since 2015. 


Williamson County American Heart Association

As part of her dedication to advocating for public health, Christine served on the Board of Directors for the Williamson County division of the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association has done extensive work in local communities advocating for smoke-free work places, access to AEDs in public spaces, and CPR training for the public.


City of Round Rock Smoking Ordinance

As a physician, Christine has long been an advocate for public policies that improve the health of citizens. In 2001 and 2002, she served as the Co-Chairman of a Round Rock advocacy group working to enact the city's first indoor smoking ordinance. As part of this campaign, Christine lobbied her fellow physicians at Round Rock Medical center to support the ordinance, testified before the Round Rock City Council on the health benefits of the ban, and met with then mayor Nyle Maxwell to back it. The effort was eventually successful, and Round Rock was one of the first cities in the area to ban smoking in restaurants and other businesses. 


Tar Wars Campaign

Early in her medical career, Christine recognized the need for physicians to engage in community health efforts. During her residency in Ft. Worth, she organized an anti-smoking program called Tar Wars. The group worked to provide education about the harms of tobacco products to teenagers and young adults in an effort to reduce use in these groups.